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April 27, 2010
Poppy - Jenna Martin Bartlett

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Last Raft Bridge
Osprey Fishing -- Lance Van Auken
Eders Ice Cream -- Susan Ward
Wood Duck -- Don Guthrie
Waterfall -- Mike OBrien
Powwow -- Terry Moore
City Sunset
Jersey Shore Caboose -- Megan Frank
Eagle over the Susquehanna -- Lance Van Auken
Archaeology Student
Penns Woods
Corn Snakes (rat snakes) are non-venomous and generally red, but sometimes are charcoal or black albinos.
Baltimore Oriole -- Lance Van Auken
Butterfly  -- Lance Van Auken
Sunflowers -- Susan Ward
Butterfly -- Cindy Knier
Goslings -- Don Guthrie
Waterbird -- Don Guthrie
Old Bridge -- PennDOT
Susquehanna Sunset
Thistle and Joy
Red at Night -- Lance Van Auken
Mama turkey and nine chicks -- Kathy Kolb
Agnes and her new baby
Scott Barn, The Narrows
Still Life
Country Road
Jersey Mills Post Office -- Megan Frank
Central PA Arts Festival -- Terry Moore
James Stugart photographed these two fawns while at a stop sign on a dirt road in Lycoming County.
A mother bear tries to rescue her crying cub, stuck in the tree -- James Stugart
Painted turtles sitting on a log at Indian Park in Montoursville. Talk about hard to sneak up on -- James Stugart
With every click of the camera, this grouse got a little more ruffled -- James Stugart.
Pheasant sitting on a round bale in a field in Northcentral PA -- James Stugart
Buck in velvet -- James Stugart
Up close and personal with a black bear -- James Stugart
I wondered why the runoff stream was muddy. Now I see why -- a pair of muskrats are making a home in the bank of the stream -- James Stugart
Just about anywhere you go in Northcentral Pa., if you look you will see a baby raccoon in the middle of road -- James Stugart
A honeybee sucks the sweet pollen out of a yellow flower in my driveway. James Stugart
A cormorant sits on a rock in the middle of the river -- James Stugart
Sometimes they just do not hide well enough  -- James Stugart
What a pretty little water bird. If you sit still they may walk right up to you. (Photo by James Stugart)
Grand Slam Parade in Williamsport (Photo by Terry Moore)
Fawn and Doe (Photo by James Stugart)
I was sitting at the mouth of Muncy Creek when this egret flew over me. Talk about a photographer's paradise. I saw an eagle, blue herons, green herons, king fishers, ducks, geese, cormorants, woodpeckers and numerous other water birds. (Photo by James Stugart)
Beaver Run Impoundment Viewing Blind, Quehanna Wild Area. (Photo by Terri Davis)
I was sitting Muncy Creek when this fawn came out of the woods on the other side.  (Photo by James Stugart)
Spring migration of snow geese. (Photo by James Stugart)
This is one hungry little bird. I don't know how many inch worms I watched him catch and eat while I was taking photos.  (Photo by James Stugart)
Seeing more and more eagles along the river; saw two immature ones.  (Photo by James Stugart)
Egret in flight, reflected on the water (Photo by James Stugart)
Pheasants are just as pretty as I remember. (Photo by James Stugart)
Scratching an itch? (Photo by James Stugart)
Loch Ness Merganser (Lance Van Auken)
River is low  (Lance Van Auken)
Eagle with a fish (Photo by James Stugart)
Taking off (Photo by James Stugart)
Eagle (Photo by Don Guthrie)
The balloon glow was an awesome sight at the Rotary Festival. (Photo by James Stugart)
The fawns are losing their spots. (Photo by James Stugart)
Turkeys with little ones. (Photo by James Stugart)
A blue heron flying over the Susquehanna River.  (Photo by James Stugart)
Osprey. (Photo by James Stugart)
Eagle soars over Muncy Creek.  (Photo by James Stugart)
Fall along the river (Photo by Van Auken)
The rut has begun. (Photo by James Stugart)
Time to squirrel, err, chipmunk away nuts for winter. (Photo by James Stugart)
Autumn along the Susquehanna River (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Autumn along the Susquehanna River (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Autumn along the Susquehanna River (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Autumn in the Susquehanna Valley (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Full Moon (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Autumn along the Susquehanna River (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Autumn in the Susquehanna Valley (Photo by Don Guthrie)
Jim Carn continues to restore historic and town markers throughout Northcentral PA. See article here:
Who can resist big-nose dogs?
Muncy Historical Society operates the Eight Square, a fully restored one room schoolhouse, built in 1872, on the site of the first public school in Lycoming County.
Winter comes to Rose Valley Lake.
Senior guard G.W. Boon blocks a shot of a Wagner player at Sojka Pavillion, Bucknell University on Nov. 29. (Photo by Terry Moore)
Snowy river
Winter ponies
Tangled Trees
Opening Day -- Tank Baird
PA Grand Canyon: Rick Lucas
Cardinal on the frosted grapevine: Van Auken
Bobcat: Don Guthrie
Squirrel in Winter by Jerry Zeidler
Someone Likes the Snow by Van Auken
Eagle on the Susquehanna (By Don Guthrie)
Winter Bird Study (Geri Schnure: Bellavie Photography)
Gray squirrel (Photo by Cindy Knier)
Winter Bird Study (Geri Schnure: Bellavie Photography)
Winter Bird Study (Geri Schnure: Bellavie Photography)
Winter Bird Study (Geri Schnure: Bellavie Photography)
Got Snow? (Geri Schnure: Bellavie Photography)
Winter's Icy Fingertips (Cindy Knier)
Winter's Magic Wand (Cindy Knier)
Praying Mantis (Cindy Knier)
Butterfly on Lilacs
Winter-burst: Emily Dittmar
Puddle Mirror: Emily Dittmar
Spring migration: James Stugart
Sunset at Green Lawn Memorial Park Montgomery: Craig McCarty
Snow geese land in Muncy: James Stugart
Cardinal: Geri Schnure
Snacktime: Geri Schnure
Mourning dove: Geri Schnure
Mourning doves: Geri Schnure
Mourning dove feeding: Geri Schnure
Chilled to the feather: Geri Schnure
A bird's gotta do what a bird's gotta do: Geri Schnure
Waiting through the storm: Geri Schnure
Determined: Geri Schnure
Cardinal: Geri Schnure
On watch: Geri Schnure
Diligent: Geri Schnure
Poor little soaked squirrel: Chris McQuay Scruggs
A pair of merganzers swimming in Little Muncy Creek: James Stugart
Snow Geese: Don Guthrie
Snow Geese: Don Guthrie
Ducks: Don Guthrie
Ducks: Don Guthrie
NorthcentralPA Photobank Gallery
NorthcentralPA Photobank Gallery
NorthcentralPA Photobank Gallery
NorthcentralPA Photobank Gallery
Fox kits emerge from under photographer James Stugart's shed. Could be worse; could be skunks!
Petal to the metal: Geri Schnure
Cousin Richard: Cindy Knier
Klump Academic Center, Pennsylvania College of Technology: Cindy Knier
Iris blooming at Pennsdale Quaker Church: Cindy Knier
Hungry baby robins: Sherrill Reynolds
Baby robins: Sherrill Reynolds
Waiting out a rain delay at a Crosscutters game: Robin Van Auken
The West celebrates their championship win at the 65th annual Little League Baseball World Series: Michael Blackwell
Flood waters threaten Montoursville bridge on Sept. 8, 2011: Jeff Schroeder.
I see the great blue herons made it back to Pa: James Stugart.
It seems like they came out of hibernation early this year: James Stugart.
Every time this grouse sees my truck it comes running up to it. It gets so close I can't get all of it in the picture sometimes. James Stugart.
It's about time somebody stood up to that cat: by James Stugart.
Tufted Titmouse: by James Stugart.
Eastern Bluebird: by James Stugart
American Goldfinch: by Cindy Knier
Water lily: by Cindy Knier
Fisherman's find: Steve Fox