First Friday Observes 10 Years

Looking for something to do as a family of four on a Friday night, other than vegetating in front of the television set or playing a board game, the Knier family ventured into the metropolis of Williamsport (Third and Fourth street, specificially) during the tenth observation of First Friday. None of us left disappointed by what we encountered.

Country bumpkins, we found the bright lights alluring and full of promise around every corner; music of several genres greeted our ears within a short walking distance. The artisan vendors displayed their talents like a peacock does with its colorful plumes; the art exhibits provided much admiration.

My personal favorite stop was inside Alabaster's Coffee and Tea Company. The atmosphere was abuzz with table and counter chat as Michael Sweigard took the microphone and began strumming a song. While waiting for an order (four berry blend fruit smoothie and a frozen hot chocolate), two older men entered the establishment for coffee behind my daughter and me. Suddenly, the man nearest us began doing coin magic tricks for my camera, much to my delight.

Because we'd arrived at First Friday late, we missed a lot of other performers, vendors and artists. We didn't venture out of the Third and Fourth street district and didn't hike over to the Pajama Factory or the Peter Herdic House where other exhibits were on display. Next time, though.

Typically, First Friday begins at 5-5:30 p.m., so if you've never been there before, do get there on time. Event flyers, which are compiled by Denyse Miele, are usually generated from businesses to promote the next First Friday event. Additionally, information can be obtained by visiting

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